Adonis Golden Ratio Exposed

modif1When we talk about Adonis Golden Ratio we don’t talk about a simple program, it is a great body transformation and you can access it anytime. It is based on countless hours of research on how human body works.

John Barban was trying to transform himself into a muscle guy and he did that by using this great program which is here to help us too. So, if you want to burn fat really fast, if you are willing to love yourself when you are watching in the mirror, now is the time to access this information and start your training program.



The Adonis golden ratio program focuses on the human anatomy, genetics but also psychology. You will find that this program includes:  12 weeks golden ratio training program, Adonis golden ration nutrition program and Adonis golden ration supplementation program.  You will have all these by making one choice.


If you are willing to give it a try you will have a perfect body, women will love your body proportions, you will forget about fat and you will enjoy your new body experience. This program will be your friend from now on. You will have the perfect ratio for being perfect only by following its steps.


First of all,  you must  find your Adonis Index and it will help us to find the perfect ratio for the 12 weeks of training. The next step is to follow a personalized 12 weeks training, have the suitable nutrition for your body. Only by doing this you will have the perfect muscles.

The videos will learn you some exercises about how to have targeted fat loss. You will have customized meals, nutrition plans suitable to your Adonis Index.

Maybe it is hard for you to understand all of these at this time, but you must have faith in this program, you must give it a try without any regrets. It is not an expensive program, you can afford it  if you need a better life or self-confidence. Your quality of live will improve day by day, you will be proud to show your body to the woman you love. You can do the exercises together, she will help you with your diet. Also, you can watch together the videos and talk about the exercises you will do for a better life.

Adonis golden ratio is the perfect choice to a new beginning. No fat, only healthy things for you, your body and your mind.